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Teacher Position

Northern Lights always welcomes enthusiastic, outgoing, and reliable applicants who work as "chat hosts" and are highly motivated to lead lively conversations with our customers in English. Being interested in working with us, please refrain from calling us directly but take a moment to submit your information online.

  • We are also interested to hear from people who are native speakers of, or fluent in, other languages as our customers sometimes like to practice languages other than English such as Korean.
  • Teaching days & time are negotiable.
  • Students are welcome.
  • We have customers around Tokyo.
  • Seeking English speakers for english conversation lessons, in the style of "English Conversation Cafe."
  • We offer english conversation lessons for those Japanese students of all levels and ages.
  • We specialize in Private and Small Group Lessons.
  • Rather than being in the class with many other people, we can offer an individualized attention in our lessons and we can guide students through the learning process at whatever level they are.
  • The format of the lessons are flexible, depending on students' needs: conversation, writing, grammer, and more else.
  • One lesson is 2 hours long and held yet not regularly.
  • No experiences in teaching are necessary.
  • Just register your profiles and possibly available date and time.
  • Then we match our students needs and your possibly available date and time.
  • Lessons will be held in somewhere such as a public cafe or restaurant.

Only Applications from those candidates who currently live in JAPAN (TOKYO / CHIBA / KANAGAWA / SAITAMA area) are acceptable.

運営スタッフ アルバイト募集

英会話ノーザンライツでは、一緒に働いて下さるスタッフを募集しております。 ご興味のある方は、募集要項をご確認の上、お気軽にご応募ください。